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UX Design & UI Strategy

Your website isn't engaging?

We hear that a lot from business owners.

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Your brand is old and dated

High Bounce Rate?

Prospective visitors to your website require more than just flashy effects and gimmicks to engage with your offerings. They seek an intuitive and seamless experience that effortlessly guides them from point A to point B.

Your marketing is inconsistent.

Your logo is outdated.

Driving traffic to your website is a crucial aspect, but retaining users' attention for longer than 30 seconds necessitates a robust UX foundation. Your site should be equipped with a compelling user experience that captivates and intrigues visitors.

Customers expect lower prices.

Lost in the Crowd?

Your website requires a robust UX foundation that not only captures attention but also retains it. By prioritising user experience, you can engage visitors and create a lasting impact that sets you apart in the crowded marketplace.

Before creative design, we focus on a solid UX strategy.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the distinct user journey on every webpage is crucial. We assist you in effectively strategising and implementing your web plan, with the goal of converting visitors into satisfied customers.

Build on data and experience

Build on data and experience

We combine our expertise with real-world user data gathered from your website and competitor's sites to construct a winning UX design strategy.

Collaborate and educate

Collaborate and educate

Our collaborative efforts focus on comprehending your audience and crafting an engaging user experience that leaves them wanting more.

Focus on the end user

Focus on the end user

Creating positive experiences for the end user is what it’s all about. We stay laser-focused on visitors want so we can turn them into customers.

Amy Sheilds

“Exceeded our expectations on quality. We had meetings with three companies regarding our new website and Agent Extra just made it easy for us to choose them. They worked well with our Marketing Manager, and we were on a tight time frame which was stressful! Our new logo and website were delivered, with good communication and certainly exceeded our expectations on quality. Thank you to the team.”

Amy Sheilds

Commercial Director, Smart Compliance.

Hand-crafted UX design to build your brand.

Begin your design journey with our comprehensive research and discovery phase. We dive deep into your industry, audience, and competition to gather insights that form the backbone of innovative and effective UX strategies.

Transform insights into reality with our concept design stage. We sketch, prototype, and iterate to develop creative solutions that are not only visually compelling but also user-focused, ensuring they meet the practical needs of your audience.

Seamlessly integrate your brand into every aspect of your user experience. Our brand extension strategies ensure that every interaction your customers have is consistent with your brand's core values and visual identity.

Establish clear and consistent guidelines for your brand's visual and interactive elements. Our comprehensive brand guidelines document will ensure that your brand remains cohesive across all digital platforms, maintaining a strong and unified presence.

Ensure your digital products remain relevant and effective with our ongoing support and maintenance services. From updating designs to incorporating new user feedback, we help you continuously improve your offerings to keep pace with market trends.

Hand Crafted Website Design

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Smart Compliance
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Smart Compliance

The digital rebrand and WordPress website design and development one of UKs fastest growing AML (Compliance) providers for estate agents

  • Digital Brand Refresh
  • Graphic Design
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Logo & Brand Guidlines
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • SSO Integrations
  • CRM Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
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